Friday, June 20, 2008

EVERYDAY IS A FASHION SHOW AT BLOSSOM! Where else do you get to try on your clothes, and then come out and show perfectly friendly strangers your new duds and ask them what they think?? We hope that that's a good thing, and that everyone likes to not wonder what they look like.
Summer is so much fun to dress down or dress up..I love the fact there is no real schedule, and water tastes soo good.

Amber might I say, can do hair like no other. She's also very happy.

This is the happy friendly face that you will either talk to on the phone or the front desk!! Ashley, we love you..

This hot chick is Bethany Skinner. She's for sure awesome, just look how cute her own hairdo is! She's purdy and good at hair..

Stylists from Blossom...

Kristi, Me, Amber, Jamielynn and Camille striking a pose.